Xsolla is a payment services company, providing game developers and publishers with payment, billing, distribution, and marketing tools.

Xsolla is headquartered in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, California. It has offices in Moscow and Perm in Russia, Kyiv in Ukraine and Seoul in South Korea. Companies that use the service include Valve,Twitch, Epic Games, Aeria Games,[6] BigPoint Games, Gameforge, Ankama Games, Gaijin Entertainment, Goodgame Studios, Snail Games, Chromatic Games, Digital Extremes, Ubisoft, and Roblox Corporation.



Founded in 2005 in Perm, Russia[1] by Alexander Agapitov, Xsolla (formerly 2Pay) provides payment services via local payment methods (cash kiosks, prepaid cards, money orders and e-wallets). The company was initially targeted at Russian game developers and publishers. Having added PayPal and SMS payment options, 2Pay entered the CIS market and started its global expansion.


In 2010, 2Pay headquarters moved to Sherman Oaks, CA. The company was renamed Xsolla, with its corporate image being designed by Art. Lebedev Studio,[7] a leading Russian web design studio standing behind Yandex search engine, Alfa-Bank, Gazeta.ru, Lenta.ru and many others.


According to Alexander Agapitov, over 50% of Xsolla’s revenue is to come from European and American game developers and publishers in 2014. Xsolla is pursuing its strategic goal to gain a significant market share in European, American and Asian regions by providing new services. Xsolla assisted many famous game companies such as Perfect World In November 2013 to self-publish its latest game, Neverwinter, on the Russian market. Xsolla worked the publishing and financial aspects of a few new coming games. Ultimately they forced said games out of business, and crippled the development of certain niche games due to restricting funding.


Xsolla claims to have global coverage, with 100% presence in Russia and CIS and a strong presence in other regions. For example, in 2011, Xsolla focused in the Ukrainian market as it represents one of the fastest growing markets for the gaming industry in the Eastern European region.

The company expands its business portfolio by adding numerous payment systems (such as Skrill, Boku, paysafecard, Amazon, Qiwi, Stipe, Braintree, Alipay, WeChat, MyCard, etc.) and game developers/publishers (Barbily, S2 Games, Valve, and many more) worldwide.


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