StoredIQ was a company founded for information lifecycle management (ILM) of unstructured data. Founded in 2001 as Deepfile[1] in Austin, Texas by Jeff Erramouspe, Jeff Bone, Russell Turpin, Rudy Rouhana, Laura Arbilla and Brett Funderburg.[2] The company changed its name in 2005 to StoredIQ[3] and continued to operate successfully for over a decade until it was acquired in 2012 by IBM.[4] It now serves as a platform for IBM’s information life cycle governance, big data governance and enterprise content management technologies.[5]

StoredIQ was awarded five patents by the USPTO. The first, originally filed in 2003, enabled unstructured data in file systems to be manipulated in a similar way to information stored in databases.[6] Subsequent patents only added to StoredIQ’s market dominance by building upon the patented actionable file system with further enhancements specific to Enterprise Policy Management and expanding the reach of StoredIQ’s management capability all the way to individual desktops.[7]

In 2008 StoredIQ was recognized as “Best in Compliance” by Network Products Guide.[8] At the same time, StoredIQ was being recognized as a “Top 5 Provider” by the prestigious Socha-Gelbmann eDiscovery survey.[9] This incredible breath of information governance capability is what originally drew the attention of EMC Corporation, StoredIQ’s first potential acquirer. Initially a strategic investor in StoredIQ, many experts[who?] predicted an inevitable acquisition. However, the company shunned their first suitor; leaving EMC to acquire a competitor.[10]

The company published a whitepaper titled The Truth About Big Data. This promotion combined with StoredIQ’s patented, technology led to IBM selecting StoredIQ as the basis for some products.[11]


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