SAP BusinessObjects Lumira

SAP BusinessObjects Lumira also known as Lumira is a business intelligence software developed and marketed by SAP BusinessObjects.[2] The software is used to manipulate and visualize data.[3]


Lumira was initially launched as SAP Visual Intelligence in 2012.[4] The first edition of the software could only use SAP’s HANA platform as a data source. The second release expanded data sources to include CSV and Excel files.[5] In 2013, SAP rebranded the software under the Lumira name and began offering a version of the software as a cloud computing program.[6] In 2015, the cloud version of Lumira was absorbed into SAP’s Cloud For Analytics software, while the Lumira Server and Lumira Desktop software remained separate.[7][8]

In 2016, Lumira 2.x was announced. The upcoming software is said to be able to run applications from the Design Studio 1.6 data visualization software.[9]


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