ID Finance

ID Finance is a financial technology company founded in 2012 by Boris Batine and Alexander Dunaev.[3][4] It is predominantly focused on emerging markets, which are characterized by noncompetitive financial services, limited availability of credit and high barriers to entry.[5][6] Continue reading “ID Finance”


GreenSky, Inc. is a financial technology company founded in 2006 based in Atlanta, Georgia. The company provides technology to banks and merchants to make loans to consumers for home improvement, solar, healthcare and other purposes.[2] Financing for GreenSky credit programs is provided by federally-insured, federal and state-chartered financial institutions.[3] From 2012 to 2016 nearly $5 billion had been lent through GreenSky credit program. Continue reading “GreenSky”

Steve Lockshin

Steve Lockshin is an entrepreneur and financial advisor, focusing on ultra high-net-worth clients.[1][2] He is a founder of a number of companies, such as Fortigent (formerly Convergent Wealth Advisors and CMS Financial Services) in 1994, Advizent in 2012[3] (which shut down a year later),[4][5] and Advice Period in 2013[6][7] (which was named “Best Wealth Planning Firm” at Family Wealth Report Awards 2019).[8] Continue reading “Steve Lockshin”


LandlordInvest is a peer-to-peer lending platform which enables people to invest in residential buy to let mortgages and bridging loans.[1][2] The platform’s target audience is buy-to-let and bridging loan borrowers with a near perfect credit score, that are having difficulties with raising finance from traditional lenders due to a one off adverse credit event in the last five years.[3] It was the first residential property-backed Innovative Finance ISA made available to UK savers.[4] Continue reading “LandlordInvest”


Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited /dəˈlɔɪt ˈtuːʃ toʊˈmɑːtsuː/, commonly referred to as Deloitte, is an Anglo-American multinational professional services network.[7] Deloitte is one of the Big Four accounting organizations and the largest professional services network in the world by revenue and number of professionals, with headquarters in London, England.[8] Continue reading “Deloitte”