EasyGo is a joint venture between Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Austria, that enables use of a single electronic toll tag on toll roads, ferries and bridges in all the member countries.[1] The purpose of EasyGo is to enable the use of one OBE for payment when driving through any toll facility one might encounter on the way through Northern Europe and Austria.[2]

EasyGo is based on DSRC 5.8 GHz microwave technology and there are major differences between the operators. The toll stations have different design and there is no common EasyGo signage, although there are some common features.[3]


EasyGo was Europe’s first commercial cross-border toll collection service. Initial discussions began in 2004, when the Svinesund Bridge between Norway and Sweden was being built. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration and the Swedish Transport Agency, together with Sund & Bælt (operator of the Great Belt Fixed Link) and Øresundsbro Konsortiet (Danish/Swedish joint venture, operator of the Øresund Bridge),established EasyGo in 2007.

Austrian ASFiNAG joined the partnership in 2009.[4]

All existing systems implemented in the Nordic countries by 2007 (AutoPASS and BroBizz) are included, and no revision of the laws in the countries was required. EasyGo countries have four different currencies and variable VAT levels.[3]

EasyGo Basic

The EasyGo Basic service is for vehicles only travelling in Scandinavia or has a maximum allowable weight of 3.5 tons.[5]


EasyGo+ is a cross-border toll collection service, allowing drivers of vehicles over 3.5 tons to pay tolls in Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, using only one OBE in all four countries.[6]

Service Providers

There are several Service providers that offer the EasyGo services. However, some Service Providers only supply OBEs for one of the services.[7]

Service Provider EasyGo Basic EasyGo+
BroBizz A/S
Øresundsbro Konsortiet


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