CoolBrands (branding initiative)

CoolBrands is an annual initiative to identify the UK’s coolest brands. The list has been compiled annually since 2001; the results are published every September. The survey seeks the opinion of independent experts and thousands of consumers.

Cool brands

According to CoolBrands the coolest brands were:

Rank 2008 [1] 2009 [2] 2010 [3] 2011 [4] 2012 [5] 2013 [6]
1 Aston Martin iPhone Aston Martin Aston Martin Apple Apple
2 iPhone Aston Martin iPhone Apple YouTube Aston Martin
3 Apple Apple iPad Harley-Davidson Aston Martin Rolex
4 Bang & Olufsen iPod BlackBerry Rolex Twitter Nike
5 YouTube Nintendo Bang & Olufsen Bang & Olufsen Google Glastonbury
6 Google YouTube Harley-Davidson BlackBerry BBC iPlayer YouTube
7 Nintendo BlackBerry Nintendo Google Glastonbury Google
8 Agent Provocateur Google Google Ferrari Virgin Atlantic Twitter
9 Rolex Bang & Olufsen Ferrari Nike Bang & Olufsen Virgin
10 Tate Modern PlayStation Dom Perignon YouTube Liberty Ray-Ban
11 Dom Perignon Xbox BBC iPlayer Alexander McQueen Sony Mercedes-Benz
12 Virgin Tate Modern Vivienne Westwood Dom Perignon Bose Bang & Olufsen
13 Ferrari Dom Perignon Apple PlayStation Haagen-Dazs Chanel
14 Ducati Virgin Tate Modern Ray-Ban Selfridges Prada
15 PlayStation Ferrari YouTube Chanel Ben & Jerry’s Adidas
16 Sony Sony MINI Nintendo Mercedes-Benz BBC
17 Nike MINI Chanel Vivienne Westwood Vogue Sony
18 Bose Vivienne Westwood Ray-Ban Agent Provocateur Skype Song Music Entertainment
19 Facebook Rolex Alexander McQueen Tate Modern Nike Alexander McQueen
20 Lamborghini BBC Jimmy Choo Maserati Nikon Spotify

Super brands

SuperBrands commissions independent research to identify the UK’s strongest brands, as voted for by marketing experts, business professionals and thousands of British consumers.



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