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Colin R. Turner is an Irish author and social activist. He is the founder of the The Free World Charter, and author of two books based on proposals for a moneyless ‘open access economy’.


Born in Dublin, Ireland in 1968, Turner spent his early years immersed in playing and learning music, with little interest in school. Failing to find commercial success with various musical ventures in his early adult years, Turner began to question the very notion of ‘earning a living’ and the methods of reward in society.[1]

In 2013, Turner embarked on a round-the-world travel attempt without using money.[2][3][4][5] He has appeared as a regular guest on RTV Marbella’s Marbella Now TV and Mi Marbella programmes between 2016 and 2017.[6]

The Free World Charter

Written in 2011, Turner’s Free World Charter is an online petition document comprising ten principles that Turner claims will ‘optimise life on Earth for all species‘, and which self-describes as the ‘minimum requirements for survival and progress‘.[2]

The Charter principles range from placing life and the ‘combined common good’ as humanity’s highest concern, to ensuring free access to basic living requirements for all.[7]

Open access economy

Turner proposes what he calls an ‘open access economy’, founded on the basic principles of sharing and shifting individual purpose from self-interest to group interest.[8]:25 He defines the open economy as: “the application of an open, distributed model to a traditionally closed-loop economic system. In other words, rather than every individual seeking only to benefit themselves, a common understanding exists that enables everyone to benefit everyone, including themselves.”[8]:23


F-Day: The Second Dawn of Man (2016)[9] is a Political drama in which the main character Karl Drayton initiates a hypothetical countdown to a moneyless society.[10]

Into The Open Economy (2016)[11] sets out proposals for an ‘open access economy’ without money, trade or governance.[12]

Turner goes on to detail the inherent limitations of trade and governance, where he claims trade and exclusive ownership always lead to wealth concentration,[8]:12 and the rise in technological unemployment must inevitably negate the market system through the collapse of the labour market.[13]


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