Manzil (company)

Manzil is a Canadian Islamic financial technology and services company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In November 2019, the company launched the first Platform Traded Fund (PTF) in Canada that complies with Sharia Law.[1][2][3][4] The fund’s capital supports their home financing solutions which currently includes a Murabaha (cost-plus) and Musharaka (partnership) transaction models.[5] Continue reading “Manzil (company)”

Nucleus Software Exports

Nucleus Software Exports Limited (NSE: NUCLEUS) is an Indian IT company in the Banking and Financial Services sector.[3] It offers IT and consultancy services serving a variety of sectors of the banking industry.[4] It is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange[5] and the National Stock Exchange of India.[6] Continue reading “Nucleus Software Exports”

Oki Electric Industry

Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. (沖電気工業株式会社, Oki Denki Kōgyō Kabushiki-gaisha), commonly referred to as OKI, OKI Electric or the OKI Group, is a Japanese company manufacturing and selling info-telecom and printer products. Headquartered in Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo,[4] OKI operates in over 120 countries around the world. Continue reading “Oki Electric Industry”

Longitude LLC

Longitude LLC is the inventor and distributor of the Longitude Enhanced Pari-Mutuel System™, a pool betting technology platform that uses advanced mathematical principles and cutting-edge computing techniques to facilitate innovation.[citation needed] Continue reading “Longitude LLC”


MaxMyInterest (Max) is a financial technology (FinTech) service operated by Six Trees Capital LLC. Max is a software platform that allocates individuals’ cash among their own bank accounts so that they earn the most interest possible while staying within the limits for FDIC government-deposit insurance.[1][2] The service works for both individuals and their financial advisors.[3] Headquartered in New York City, Six Trees was founded by former Citigroup investment banker Gary E. Zimmerman in 2013.[4] Continue reading “MaxMyInterest”


Monzo Bank Ltd (/ˈmɒnzoʊ/), is an online bank based in the United Kingdom.[2] Monzo was one of the earliest of a number of new app-based challenger banks in the UK.[3] Continue reading “Monzo”


NerdWallet is an American personal finance company, founded in 2009 by Tim Chen and Jacob Gibson. It offers a website and app that aims to assist users in making personal financial decisions. Continue reading “NerdWallet”


Nayax Ltd. is a global fintech company which sells cashless, telemetry, management, monitoring and business intelligence (BI) products for the vending and unattended retail industries.[1] Continue reading “Nayax”

Murex (financial software)

Murex is a company that provides financial software for trading, treasury, risk, and post-trade operations for financial markets.[1] Continue reading “Murex (financial software)”


G2A.COM Limited (commonly referred to as G2A) is a global digital marketplace which specializes in the resale of gaming products by the use of redemption keys. It is headquartered in the Netherlands[1] and has offices in various countries including Poland and Hong Kong.[2][3] The site has over 20 million customers,[4][5] 400,000 sellers from 200 countries,[4] 75,000 digital products[6] and 600 employees throughout all locations.[4] The main product offering on G2A.COM is game key codes to such platforms as Steam, Origin, Uplay, PlayStation Network and Xbox. Other products found on the marketplace include software, prepaid activation codes, electronics and merchandise.[7] Continue reading “G2A”