Asset Recovery Interagency Network Asia Pacific

Asset Recovery Interagency Network – Asia Pacific (ARIN-AP) is an informal network of experts-practitioners in the field of asset tracing, freezing and confiscation which intends to serve as a cooperative group in all aspects of tackling the proceeds of crime in the Asia-Pacific region.[1]

ARIN-AP was officially launched at the inaugural meeting held in Seoul over the 19–20 November 2013.[2] The meeting brought together 28 law enforcement or prosecutorial agencies from 21 jurisdictions in Asia-Pacific and 6 international organizations.[3] ARIN-AP is modelled on CARIN. The role of Secretariat of ARIN-AP is held by the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office of the Republic of Korea.[1]


ARIN-AP is made up of national contact points designated by member countries in Asia and the Pacific and those contact points are inter-connected through the Secretariat. Through promoting informal direct communication among contact points for efficient asset recovery prior or during formal mutual legal assistance, ARIN-AP establishes itself as a center of information and expertise, and promote exchange of information and best practice. ARIN-AP works for mutual benefit of countries in this region as well as for inter-regional cooperation with other regional Asset Recovery Interagency Networks.[2]

As of 6 February, 2018, ARIN-AP has 21 jurisdictions as Members and 8 International Organizations as Observers.

Presidency and AGM

The schedule of Annual General Meetings is:

Year Jurisdiction
2013  Korea
2014  Indonesia
2015  Australia
2016  Korea
2017  Japan
2018  Indonesia
2019  Mongolia

2014 AGM

Indonesia held the Presidency for ARIN-AP for 2014 and hosted the Annual General Meeting on the 25 and 26 August 2014 in Yogyakarta at the Hotel Royal Ambarrukmo.[4][5] The AGM was organised by the Indonesian Attorney General’s Office.[6] The theme of the AGM was “Cleaning Up Dirty Assets”. Representatives of ARIN-AP member countries, including Australia, Brunei, China, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Sri-Lanka, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, East Timor and Vietnam, as well as Pacific Island countries, attended the meeting.[4][7] Also present were representatives from the Netherlands, England, Ireland, and Spain as well as officials from CARIN, the World Bank and others.[8]

2015 AGM

Australia held the 2015 Presidency and hosted the AGM in Sydney on 3 to 5 November 2015. It was attended by over 80 delegates from 28 jurisdictions and 4 international organizations.

2016 AGM

The Republic of Korea held the 2016 Presidency and hosted the AGM in Seoul on 26 to 27 October 2016. The AGM was organized by the Korean Supreme Prosecutors’ Office. The theme of the AGM was “Consolidating Knowledge for Asset Recovery”. Representatives from 20 jurisdictions and 6 international organizations attended the meeting.

2017 AGM

The 2017 ARIN-AP Annual General Meeting was successfully held at the Asakusa View hotel in Tokyo, Japan on 27-28 September, following a Steering Group Meeting on 26 September. The Meeting was hosted by Japanese Ministry of Justice. 76 representatives from 14 jurisdictions and 7 international organizations attended the meeting. During the two-day meeting, the participants had in-depth discussions about various topics including non-conviction based confiscation and current challenges of asset recovery.

2018 AGM

The 2018 ARIN-AP Annual General Meeting and a Steering Group meeting were successfully held at the Anvaya Beach Resort in Bali, Indonesia on 5-6 November, followed by the Asset Forfeiture Workshop on 7-9 November. The events were hosted by the Indonesian Attorney General’s Office. 80 representatives from 23 jurisdictions and 2 international organizations attended the meeting. During the meetings, the participants shared good case examples, regional experiences in developing an effective asset recovery system, and strategy for effective recovery of criminal assets. The Indonesian host also had separate sessions to open the floor for everyone to freely share trends on the proceeds of crime and to exchange ideas of advancing ARIN-AP.


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